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Patient regains eyesight, controls blood sugar with insulin management and AI-powered technology

“Diabetes took my eyesight!”


Nearly one million Michiganders struggle with type 2 diabetes. For many, it is a daily battle fought and lost at the most granular of levels: their blood sugar numbers. To April, in her early 20s when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it was nearly a death sentence. 

For 20 years the “slow poison,” as April called her type 2 diabetes, hijacked her life. Diabetes stole her eyesight, her career, her independence and, finally, her ability to care for family. 


Sick for Decades

April’s complications were the shattering culmination of decades of uncontrolled blood sugar levels despite a regimen of medications, insulin therapy, regular physician visits and sticking to the rules that people with type 2 diabetes are advised to follow. 

“I felt like garbage,” April shared. “Like I couldn’t get out of bed. Like I was taking more medication than food. I didn’t feel like it was worth doing anymore.”

Despite medications and insulin adjustments every few months, her blood glucose levels remained out of control. In fact, April’s HbA1c number was sometimes higher than 14. 

Finally, her doctor recommended the specialists at Hygieia, and their unique d-Nav® Insulin Management Program to provide real-time adjustments for insulin therapy as often as needed. Under the care of physician specialists, the program uses Hygieia’s patented technology in a hand-held device equipped with special software and a built-in glucose monitor. 


Dramatic Results

Within 90 days of starting the d-Nav program, April began experiencing dramatic results. Her blood glucose levels improved and her HbA1c inched downward. Her eyesight returned and soon she was driving, working, taking care of herself and her family, and living as an independent adult. 

“D-Nav became personal. Like I had a friend. Now, I have my life back. I walk to work, I drive, I feel 20 years younger. I’m ME again,” April said.


Controlling Blood Sugar

Sadly, two out of three people who use insulin to treat diabetes do not have blood sugar levels under control – often because they are not taking the correct insulin dose. 

Hygieia’s research proved that outcomes for these patients improved when their insulin doses were frequently adjusted to match their fluctuating glucose levels. 

Now, patients can have automated insulin dose adjustments by way of FDA-cleared d-Nav technology, which works by tracking and analyzing each patient’s blood glucose patterns. Based on those patterns, d-Nav automatically determines how much insulin is needed at the time of each injection.


A New Standard

This is a dramatic change from today’s standard of care in which a patient’s insulin dose is modified only when he or she can see a physician for evaluation every few months. Because the body’s insulin needs are constantly changing, this is not nearly enough. 

By today’s standard of care, patients are not taking the dose they really need to effectively manage their blood sugar. Hygieia is advocating for a new standard that provides regular, frequent insulin dose adjustments for patients with type 2 diabetes. 


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